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Lisbon is retro, elegant, trendy and affordable.

Lisbon is a city that oozes charm and beauty, built on seven hills the city has amazing vistas and a retro aura. It also boasts one of the best nightlife in Europe.

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Stag Do Guide To Lisbon

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Drinking In Lisbon

Over the last few years Lisbon has boomed adding more and more bars into our compact city here is our guide to the best areas to drink?

Bairro Alto is at the heart of Lisbon, these cute cobbled streets are jammed packed with compact bars your stag party do not have to walk miles for the next drink. Bairro Alto kicks off around 11am and the bars close at a respectable 2am, after midnight the small street slowly become filled with revellers looking for a great time. Lisbon ain't the UK so do not expect to rammed into a bar, you drink Lisbon style out in the open air. Grab a cheap beer in a plastic glass and then head out and mingle on the street.

Principal Real is the trendy area in Lisbon, if your stag do are dedicated hipsters then Principal Real is your one and only choice. Bar hop between stylish cocktail bars, gay bars and bars with amazing views of Lisbon.

Cais Do Sodre where you will end your stag night of debauchery. Once the seedy area of Lisbon Cais Do Sodre has grown into the a cool spot with a great hub of bars and restaurants, but don't head there too early. After the bars in Bairro Alto close at 2am, Lisbon locals then walk down the steep hill to finish their night in Cais. This small area known as the Pink Street boasts bars that are open until 4am and clubs that are open until 8am, perfect for the stag party that wants to party hard!

Santos Located to the west of Cais Do Sodre, Santos is a student centre of Lisbon, here you will find the bars full of students and the beer prices match a student budget, cheap ... cheap ... cheap!

Roof Top Bars Lisbon now has a plethora of trendy rooftop bars with outstanding views of Lisbon. Ideal for a late night party or chilled out afternoon to take in the view.  

Strip Bars Lisbon has loads of strip bars to choose from. Most are located just slightly outside of the main bar area but they are easily accessible by taxi. 



lisbon city guideLisbon Food

Foodies are really spoilt for choice in Lisbon. Restaurants are super affordable with amazing food and great wines.

   Within Bairro Alto you have small restaurants with tables outside on the cobbled streets, these restaurants are mainly for the tourists and the price tag and quality reflects    this.

   Principal Real has a new trendy restaurant opening seemingly every week, here you will eat with the locals (often footballers and TV stars), Lisbon is built on seven hills      and you are spoilt for choice with many restaurants offering amazing vistas of the beautiful city of Lisbon. 

Commerico Square is wonderful location for Al Fresco dining. 

The Time Out Market in Cais Do Sodre is a foodie paradise. After its opening in 2014 it has become a tourist hot spot, the market provides many different food stalls offering a vast range of international cuisine. Great for stag groups with differing food tastes, grab food from different stalls and eat together in the main seating area.  

Your stag group can expect pay between £30 to £45 for a great value three course meal including drinks but a little warning you will be charged for everything you eat on the table, do not assume the bread, butter and olives are free.

Lisbon Locals eat very late in comparison to the UK and restaurants tend to be fully booked after 9pm so booked prior to 8.30pm to secure a table for your large stag group.


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Lisbon Events


For those stag parties during the winter months try February, the small cobbled streets of Lisbon awaken during Carnival with excited party goers. The city holds  a number of free events across the city, the highlight is the Carnival Parade on Shrove Tuesday, featuring dazzling costumes, samba bands and floats on show in down town Lisbon.

1st to 30th June

The best time, by far, to be in Lisbon for your stag weekend is during June where you can experience the Festas de Lisboa (Lisbon Festivities) For the whole of the month the city comes alive with festivities.  The neighbourhoods of Alfama and Bairro Alto are colourfully decorated for the occasion. There are free concerts and free street parties are available throughout the city, locals and visitors alike feast on freshly-grilled sardines and enjoy the non stop festivities around the city! 

7th to 9th July

Nos Alive (formally Optimus Alive) is one of Portugal's largest festivals. Set on its capital's coastline, NOS Alive features the likes of Muse, alt-J and James Blake just a stones throw away from Lisbon's historical landmarks and buzzing night-life. Previous head liners included Green Day, Depeche Mode, Kings of Leon and Steve Aoki.


The annual tech conference "Websummit" is held annually in Lisbon until 2020. Lisbon becomes full to the ,rim with the conference  with an average of 70,000 visitors to Lisbon. The summit is centered on internet technology and attendees range from Fortune 500 companies to smaller tech companies. 


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Getting Around


On Foot: Lisbon is a very compact city and it is possible to walk around the main central area on foot.

By Bicycle: Bicycle hire in Lisbon is very popular but don't forget about those seven hills, prepare to huff and puff.

By Metro: The metro system has 5 lines. The trains are frequent and cheap, it runs from 6am to 1am.

By Tram: Lisbon’s old yellow trams rattle around the city and are great for visiting the cities best known attractions.

By Taxi: Taxi’s in Lisbon are very cheap and can be found in abundance, you should not pay any more than 10 euros for anywhere within central Lisbon.

By Motorcycle:  Motorcycle is a fantastic way to speed around the centre of Lisbon and avoiding the dreaded traffic. Motorcycles can be hired all over the city.

By Tuk Tuk: Lisbon has a plague! A plague of Tuk Tuks, ok it might not be that epic but as city drivers some days if feels that way. Since 2015 tuk tuks have taken over the centre of Lisbon they can be pre booked or hailed on the street but be warned they are not cheap!

By Scooter: A recent addition in 2018 are the electric scooters that you will see spotted all over the city. Operated by Lime you pay a fee and you can use the undocked scooters all over the city.

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Culture In Lisbon

Fado: Fado is only found in Portugal and has its origins in Lisbon from the 1820's. Fado is a melancholy in theme with a singer accompanied by a guitarist.

Street Art: Lisbon is famous for its street art, walk down any street and you can find amazing works of art on the side of buildings, they are a true sight to be seen.

Concerts: The Altis Arena based in Parque das Nações is considered one of the best concerts halls in the world. 



Why you should choose Lisbon for your Stag Weekend

Over the last two years Lisbon was a well kept secret but now Lisbon has burst onto the stag weekend circuit with spectacular style.

lisbon stag activities

Style: Lisbon beats to its own drum, it unashamedly does not follow the crowd. It oozes retro charm and sticks to Portuguese values, don't expect large chain shops and bars, Lisbon is only interested in independent venues.

Value for money: Lisbon is one of Europes most affordable cities and it is officially Western Europe's least expensive capital, great for your Lisbon Stag Party. Just 3 euros for a pint!

Weather: Lisbon has a very mild climate all year round and in winter temperatures rarely go below 10 degrees during the day. During the summer months you can expect 25 to 30 degrees during the day and around 16 at night.

Beaches: Lisbon has fantastic sandy beaches on its door step, perfect if you want to mix a city break and beach holiday. Head to Carcavelos or Cascais on the train a return ticket is just 3.60 euros from Cais Do Sodre train station.

Nightlife: Lisbon's nightlife is one of the best in Europe and the drinks are cheap! The main clubs are Lux and Urban Beach however they are notoriously difficult to enter if you are a large foreign group of tourists, let Pink Monkey Stag and Hen Ltd take the stress out of club entry. 

For more information check out our guide to Lisbon.

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